Premium Yoghurt

Our Premium Greek Yoghurt range consists of 15 different flavours.
Our variety of fruit yoghurts are bound to please everyone, from the classic Mixed Berry, to our unique Mango and Passionfruit flavour.

Available in 3 sizes, with plenty of flavour and protein packed inside, we just know that you will love the Eoss Premium Yoghurt Range.

Check out our stockist page now to find your closest Eoss stockist and support a proudly Australian Owned yoghurt brand.

Vanilla Bean
Apple Pie Yoghurt
Apple Pie
Blueberry Yoghurt
Caramel Crumble Yoghurt
Caramel Crumble
Coffee Yoghurt
Lemon Twist Yoghurt
Lemon Twist
Mango Yoghurt
Mixed Berry Yoghurt
Mixed Berry
Passionfruit Yoghurt
Raspberry Yoghurt
Strawberry Yoghurt
Strawberry Shortcake Yoghurt
Strawberry Shortcake
Muesli Yoghurt

Bulk Yoghurt

Available to food service organizations.
If you are a food service organization contact us on 9786 1524 to place an order.

Available in Classic, Natural & Vanilla Bean.
Ideal for pouring into containers.

Bulk Yoghurt
Bulk Yoghurt - 5kg bags & 10kg boxes with 2x5kg bags
Note: Vanilla Bean supplied in 10kg Bucket only.