Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of yoghurt is Eoss?
Eoss is a natural Greek yoghurt. It is hand-strained and made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

What is the shelf life of Eoss yoghurt?
4 weeks when stored below 4 degrees.

Where can I buy Eoss Yoghurt?
Eoss is sold in many FoodWorks and IGAs across Victoria, however you can check our stockist list here to find your closest Eoss stockist.

Does your warehouse sell direct to the public?
No, we don’t sell to the public from our warehouse anymore, but Eoss is sold in many stores in the area! Henry’s Mercato Bayside is 10 minutes away from our warehouse and has a huge range of Eoss yoghurt!

You can find your closest Eoss stockist here.

How can I get wholesale supply to my store?
Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page here and fill out a form. Tell us a little but about your business and what suburb you are in!

Is Eoss Australian Made?
Yes, Eoss is proudly 100% Australian Made.

Is Eoss gluten free?
All of our yoghurts are gluten free except for our Apple Pie, Caramel Crumble, Strawberry Shortcake and Muesli yoghurts.

What are the health benefits of Eoss yoghurt?
Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamins. These nutrients are easier to absorb from yoghurt rather than milk because of the fermentation process.  The probiotic cultures contained in yoghurt can help restore the good bacteria to the digestive tract after a course of antibiotics.

If all your yoghurt is natural, why is there a flavour called Natural?
Our Natural flavour has no added sugar, only lactose that occurs naturally in milk.
Our Classic range contains sucrose.  There are no artificial sweeteners, thickeners, gelatines, gum blends, stabilisers, acidity regulators or preservatives in any of our yoghurt bases.

How can I keep up with Eoss?
Stay connected with Eoss on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love hearing from customers, use #eossfoods to tag us in your pics!