Health Benefits

The Health Benefits

It’s no secret that there are numerous health benefits that come from eating Eoss Yoghurt.

Here are just a few to list:

  • High in protein!
  • Rich in nutrients!
  • Heart health 
  • Strengthens immune system- very important!
  • Packed with probiotics, keeping you happy!

Did you know that yoghurt has more protein than milk?

Protein is incredibly beneficial to your bones, muscles, skin, hair and blood, so make sure that you’re getting your dose of Eoss Yoghurt to feel your best!

Eoss is made from natural ingredients – nothing artificial.
With plenty of live probiotic cultures – acidophilus, lactobacillus, bifidus- Eoss gives you the good bacteria for your tummy!

And for our coeliac consumers- our natural and fruit flavours are gluten free.

Our products are all Permeate free. Permeate is a by-product used to dilute milk & reduce costs. We don’t use it because we aren’t willing to sacrifice our much-loved taste and texture.

No Gelatine – so its vegetarian friendly!
No Thickeners, Preservatives or Additives.